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Vapor and Dryfilm PTFE Coating Systems


Best Technology’s vapor coating systems that provide dry film coating of:

Our vapor coating systems come in all sizes depending on applications and we also have tabletop vapor coating systems.

These systems are of particular use in the medical device industry for surgical tools that require coating to provide for smooth operation such as skin staplers or a biopsy jaw. Our system applies the PTFE (Teflon) coating to such medical devices to reduce the friction between metal on metal contact.

Our Vapor Coaters Utilize Similar Concepts to That of a Vapor Degreaser but..

It is important to note that a vapor coater is not a vapor degreaser.  There are particular elements of a vapor degreaser which must be changed or the process could trap ambient moisture causing surface finish issues on coated parts.  Consistent surface finish is essential for successful surface PTFE coatings.

Alternative Coating Processes and Equipment

Some PTFE and other dry film coatings processes, including 3M Novec coating, allow for application applied with dip tanks. These uniformly stir and agitate the solution in a manner to achieve homogeneous mixing, without breaking down the dry film coating dispersion in solution. Often use of high sheer pumps (centrifugal, mag drive, etc) can cause the solution to sheer thereby disrupting the dispersion of PTFE (or other coating) in solution.   This break down of dispersion can cause clumping and uneven coating on substrates. While this method is popular for processes specified by AMS2482, the process stability can be difficult to maintain overtime if the PTFE coating process equipment is not engineered correctly to ensure consistent, homogeneous mixing of solution.

From initial contact to our continued support and service,  Best Technology offers over 30 years of industry expertise that can be leveraged to determine the best solution to meet your vapor coating process equipment requirements.

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