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Part Cleaning Assessment Questionnaire

Please fill in the information below to better describe your application to us

Part Description

What types of parts and material composition are to be processed?

How big (size & weight) are the parts? How many parts are desired to process in a cycle?

Does your parts have any of the following: *
Blind holes(s)Threaded blind hole(s)Broached hole(s)Tubing / small aspect ratiosOther - please explain below

Is there a cycle time requirement? Parts/hr

Application Description, Specs and Chemistry

What types of oils (true or water soluble?) and/or particulate are to be removed?

How are the parts currently cleaned?

How clean do the parts need to be? Cleanliness spec? Rinse or Dry Spec?

Do you have a preferred cleaning chemistry? Aqueous, Solvent, etc?

Please describe further details of the application in detail below (utility requirements, system floor space requirements, etc):

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