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Equipment & Process Questionnaire

Please fill in the information below to better describe your application to us

Part Description

How many processes / part types require cleaning/passivation development? *

What material type(s) will you be cleaning and passivating? *

Does your parts have any of the following: *
Blind holes(s)Threaded blind hole(s)Broached hole(s)Tubing / small aspect ratiosOther - please explain below

Application Description, Specs and Chemistry

Please describe your application including pre and post process manufacturing *

What types of oils (true or water soluble) and/or particulate are to be removed? Please specify specific names or MSDS sheets *

How clean do the parts need to be? Cleanliness spec? Rinse or Dry Spec?

Are any of the following processes used during manufacturing: EDM, buffing/polishing, Scotch-Brite / Cratex, blasting, welding, laser marking, etc?

Do you have a preferred cleaning chemistry? Aqueous, Solvent, etc?

Passivation (if applicable)

What passivation specification if any is required? ASTM A967, ASTM F86, AMS2700, etc. Any specific customer specifications?

Do you have a preferred passivation chemistry? Cirtric or Nitric? *

Does your parts have laser markings?

Would you like process, equipment and material/chemical handing training? If so indicate, current knowledge and training level.

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