September 2014 – Going to the MD&M Minneapolis Show? Visit us at Booth #1511

MD&M Minneapolis, MN 2014

Are you planning on going to MD&M Minneapolis on October 29-30? Contact us us for complimentary tickets to the Medical Design and Manufacturing show! No need to pay for registration! Be sure to visit us at Booth #1511.

Medical Design and Manufacturing Show

Case Study of the Month:

Machine Shop Parts Washer for Swiss and CNC Precision Parts – Water based parts washer equipment often clean water coolant machined parts well, but when true oil lubricated parts are placed in an aqueous parts washer, the oil floats to the surface and re-coats parts with oil upon removal from the wash tank rendering the cleaning useless.

CNC Machine Tool Shop Parts Washer

True oil based machined parts are easily cleaned with the designed oil removal system to constantly sweep/sparge overflow floating oils on the surface of the tank into a quiet tank where the oils can settle out and be skimmed and removed from the solution without concerns with redepositing on parts.

IMTS 2014


IMTS 2014 was huge success and a very busy show for everyone that attended. Thanks to all that stopped by our booths!

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