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Small Tabletop Ultrasonic Clean, Rinse and Dry Tank System for Cellular Manufacturing

Cellular manufacturing cleaning equipment requires the same type of part cleaning manufacturing systems seen on a line/centralized style cleaning but are typically smaller ultrasonic cleaners. The 386 tabletop washer ultrasonic cleaning system provides an ultrasonic wash, ultrasonic overflowing rinse and heated dry all in one compact bench top system.

With tanks measuring 9.5″ x 5.5″ x 6″D or approximately 1.25 gallons, there is plenty of room in this small ultrasonic cleaner for parts just coming off a CNC machine, laser welding and any other pre-process manufacturing application requiring cleaning afterwards.




Digital Cycle Timers and Digital Temperature Control

Process control is also just as important for cellular manufacturing; the 386 features digital cycle timer and digital panel mounted temperature controllers (for tanks 1 and 2).  Tank 1 features 200W of ultrasonics for extra powerful cleaning action and 100 Watts of ultrasonics in tank 2 ensure excellent rinsing.  The small, compact design of the 386 is ideal for bench top use in a lab or installing in a cellular manufacturing environment, but it delivers the kind of performance typical of a system much larger.

Need to passivate your parts too?  The 386P passivation model is for you.  It adds a 3rd and 4th ultrasonic tanks for acid passivation and another overflowing rinse.


5-tank Passivation System Diagram

Stainless Steel Constructions and Baskets

Build for the most demanding manufacturing environments, the 386 small ultrasonic cleaner features all stainless steel construction and includes stainless steel separate covers for each processing tank. Solenoid and needle valves allow the rinse tank to slowly overflow during use to ensure clean, fresh water in your rinse tank.

Need A Bigger Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems?

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Automated Cleaning Systems


Our automated passivation systems are typically lower cost than our multi-tank passivation systems and give you all the benefits of automation.  

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