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Automated Precision Aqueous Cleaning in a Lean Cellular Manufacturing Design

The LC-360 Series of aqueous cleaning machines are a perfect solution for your cellular cleaning needs. Starting with a single basket system that takes up less than 20 square feet of plant floor space.  These aqueous parts cleaning systems are built for lean manufacturing environments where manufacturing plant floor space is a premium (cleanroom, dry room, etc) but are built to clean even your toughest applications.


LC-360 series can agitate parts via rock motion, rotate, spray from above, spray under immersion from within the solution bath, provide outstanding ultrasonic cleaning performance and dry your parts all with the push of a single button.  Available in 4 standard sizes, all of the LC-360 series include two separate tanks for your wash and rinse solutions as well as an input for an external rinse (DI, RO, city tap, etc).  Some of the units have the option of a third solution tank built in as well to be used for citric or nitric passivation or similar solutions.

System ConceptThe sketch above shows the principle features of this precision cleaning system.  The parts baskets are loaded from an ergonomic height and the operator presses the start button.  Want a pre-wash spray before the processing tank fills? – no problem, the on-board PLC can be programmed to the precise cycles needed for your your parts – including separate recipes for each part.  The LC-360 series can be set to rotate the basket(s) a full 360º, provide a rocking action from 10-60º, do both in sequence, or do neither depending on what you need for your specific parts. Want the wash solution spraying on the parts from above and spray under immersion below the solution level during wash? No problem.  Need the powerful scrubbing of ultrasonics during the cleaning cycle ?  Again, no problem.

This system is built around flexibility and lean manufacturing principles of cellular manufacturing enviroments used in the medical device, aerospace and heavy manufacturing industries.

Double Basket Door

And, all the same options are available for your rinse cycle as well. There’s even another rinse header built into the LC-360 that draws from an external supply.  This means you can do a final rinse with fresh DI or RO water or even a fresh tap water rinse after your standard rinse cycle – or as part of it.

Single Basket Cellular Manufacturing Part Cleaning System

The LC-360 series machines come in 4 standard sizes that can handle 1, 2, 4 or 8 baskets of parts at a time. With an 8-basket system you can clean over 46 cubic feet of parts per hour. In addition, the larger units can be built with fixtures to handle very large parts that wouldn’t fit in a traditional basket based cleaning solution.  Precision cleaning in a lean design – another reason to contact the pro’s at Best Technology with your cleaning application today.

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