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Cannula Needle Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Cleaning small cannula or hypodermic needles is a difficult process to be done by hand or even in most parts washers. The technology of industrial ultrasonic washing machines allows for the ability micro-scrub uniformly all surfaces of the needles in areas impossible to reach by physical cleaning instruments.  Advancements in ultrasonics have allowed for creation of long tanks which accommodate the long length of cannulas.  An example of such parts cleaning tank is below. ultrasonic-blind-cleaner-tank Our ultrasonic cleaning tanks come in all shapes and sizes: over 5-10 feet long for long canula after the drawing process to small 8″ tanks for individual needles. These industrial ultrasonic washing machine systems are most often used during the manufacturing to remove oils and debris. It is important to keep in mind that the surface tension of solution used to clean the needles is critical as the smaller the cannula opening the lesser the surface tension needed to “wet” the inside of the tube opening.  If the needle opening or inside diameter becomes too small, it is often best to use a solvent based chemistry vs. water or aqueous as the surface tension of solvents are often magnitudes less than aqueous. The combine wash and rinse tank needle cleaning ultrasonic tanks provide continuous flow of rinse water in the rinse tank to ensure your cannula are not only clean, but rinsed so well they are spot free upon drying!

Short or Long Ultrasonic Cannula Needle Cleaning Tanks

blind-ultrasonic-cleaning-equiipment   Be sure to read How do ultrasonics work to learn a lot more of the technology behind the amazing cleaning systems for cannula and needles.

Medical Device Applications

  • Intravenous (IV) needles
  • Nasal cannulation and oral-nasal cannulation
  • Veterinary
  • Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-ageing – blunt tip cannula
  • Body piercing and tattoos

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