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Agitated Immersion Ultrasonic Parts Washer

System Description |Common Applications |Common Configurations

Best Technology is proud to offer ultrasonic agitated immersion parts washers which are designed for the precision cleaning of particulate from a wide range of components by using water based detergents and environmentally safe solvent chemistries.

Ultrasonic Parts Washer


Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Clean – Rinse – Rinse – Dry System


Video: Wash with Ultrasonics, Oil Removal System, & Turbo-Pump Agitation, Agitated Immersion Rinse, Heated Air Knife Blow Off Dry

Our immersion parts washers use a simple yet rugged designed pneumatically powered reciprocating platform to agitate your parts in the water or solvent based detergent.  This action coupled with options like ultrasonics, high flow filtration and turbulation, and oil removal systems ensure all oil and particulate is removed from not only the outside of your parts but also the internal cavities/passages that other types of parts washing systems can’t properly clean.

Automated Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Clean – Rinse – Rinse – Dry System

These aqueous parts washers are fully modular allowing for multiple tanks placed side by side allowing for any applications specific configuration: wash, rinse, dry or wash, rinse, rinse, dry or wash, rinse, passivate, rinse dry, etc as shown.

Common Applications

This superior part exterior and part internals flushing action makes these pneumatic parts washers excellent for:

  • Cleaning of parts with lots of internal passageways like casting and cylinder blocks
  • Medical and aerospace parts which require critical cleaning requirements
  • Removal of buffing and lapping compounds.
  • Cleaning prior to welding, deburring, brazing, blasting or other surface cleanliness critical post process applications.
  • Precision cleaning prior to assembly or final packaging.
  • General washing for maintenance, rework and/or remanufacturing.
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Carbon, rust, ink and paint removal.
  • Phosphating or alodine coating
  • FPI (Fluorescent penetrant inspection) – preclean, FPI dye penetrant inspection process, and post clean.

Typical Configurations

We offer 9 standard configurations shown and custom sizing up to 4000lbs load capacity and any working zone configuration.

Model Series


Capacity (lb)


Capacity (gallon)

Inside Working

Zones (l x w x h)

 Overall Dimensions

(l x w x h)




16″ x 21″ x 16″

21″ x 35″ x 68″




22″ x 21″ x 16″

27″ x 35″ x 68″




 28″ x 17″ x 13″

33″ x 29″ x 57″




34″ x 21″ x 16″

39″ x 35″ x 68″




46″ x 21″ x 16″

51″ x 35″ x 68″

* optionally to 300lb




34″ x 24″ x 20″

48″ x 46″ x 80″

CM48 500* 25545″ x 31″ x 20″ 60″ x 52″ x 80″
CM60 1000* 44556″ x 31″ x 27″72″ x 54″ x 97″
CM721000*58569″ x 36″ x 27″84″ x 60″ x 97″
* optionally to 2000lb – 4000lb+

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