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Equipment Needed to Start A Passivation Line

If you are planning to build a passivation process, there is more equipment needed than just the passivation system itself.  In this article we will assist our customers in acquiring the other necessary equipment for getting your passivation process up and running.

Passivation Equipment

Passivation equipment and systems are capable of wash, rinse, passivate, rinse and drying parts.  Below are some examples of passivation lines sold by Best Technology

Bench Top Ultrasonic Passivation Equipment

Tabletop-MultiTank-Ultrasonic Passivation System


Automated Ultrasonic Passivation Systems


Citric / Nitric Acid Passivation Wet Bench for Stainless Steel & Titanium 


Automated Agitated Immersion Passivation System


Other Associated Process Equipment Needed for Passivation of Stainless Steel and Titanium

  1. Purified water system – typically RO or DI Water – ensures a full rinse of parts to ensure no minerals and containments in water are left on parts prior to, during and after acid passivation tank/bath
  2. Heated rinse water source – point of use or central to facility
  3. Part fixturing equipment – holds parts in place during bath immersion but does not adversely affect contact surface during processing (scratches, abrasions, ultrasonic cavitation erosion, etc)

Test Equipment

  1. Chemical titration kit – determines true concentration of acid and alkaline cleaner, pH meter – monitors the acidity or alkalinity (base) of the solutions, Hydrometer measures specific gravity of a solution to determine how much chemistry vs. water is in solution
  2. Chemical maintenance logs – track titrations over time and correlate with any down stream passivation issues/failures
  3. Copper sulfate test kit – most common test to determine if part passes passivation specification.  Other methods include high humidity chamber, salt spray, etc


  1. Aqueous alkaline wash tank cleaner
    1. For parts with true oil contamination
      1. Oil splitting chemistry- oils float to surface of tank and are skimmed off with an oil skimmer / oil removal system
      2. Emulsification-based chemistry- suspends oils in chemistry
    2. For parts with water soluble coolant and fluid contamination
      1. Neutral pH chemistry for light soils
      2. Caustic based chemistry for heavy, hard to remove soils – common = sodium hydroxide based chemistries
  2. Passivation Acid
    1. Nitric Acid- most common for years
    2. Citric Acid – commonly referred to as “Citrisurf” recent advancements have made use more reliable and much easier to handle than nitric

This is a generalized list of the passivation equipment necessary to start a passivation system line.  A complete list can be supplied by Best Technology after equipment purchase.

While it may seem overly complicated to some, Best Technology is able to simplify the process into simple steps to achieve a successfully passivated part. See our Services page for more information.


Best Technology can help you design your passivation process!

Please fill in the information below to better describe your application to us

Part Description

How many processes / part types require cleaning/passivation development? *

What material type(s) will you be cleaning and passivating? *

Does your parts have any of the following: *
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Application Description, Specs and Chemistry

Please describe your application including pre and post process manufacturing *

What types of oils (true or water soluble) and/or particulate are to be removed? Please specify specific names or MSDS sheets *

How clean do the parts need to be? Cleanliness spec? Rinse or Dry Spec?

Are any of the following processes used during manufacturing: EDM, buffing/polishing, Scotch-Brite / Cratex, blasting, welding, laser marking, etc?

Do you have a preferred cleaning chemistry? Aqueous, Solvent, etc?

Passivation (if applicable)

What passivation specification if any is required? ASTM A967, ASTM F86, AMS2700, etc. Any specific customer specifications?

Do you have a preferred passivation chemistry? Cirtric or Nitric? *

Does your parts have laser markings?

Would you like process, equipment and material/chemical handing training? If so indicate, current knowledge and training level.

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