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Automated Cleaning and Passivation Systems – FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about our automated cleaning and passivation systems which actually move the solutions rather than a traditional system where the parts move from tank to tank

Do you need any agitation beyond ultrasonics during the cleaning and/or passivation process operation with the automated cleaning and system?

There is in process tank circulation which agitates the solution alternating between ultrasonics (as fluid movement dissipates ultrasonic energy).  This also allows the process tank to filter solution back in the storage tank.

Are there contamination issues when you pump the cleaning, rinsing, passivation acid solutions out of the main processing tank?

To reduce any contamination issues, we can mount rinse spray nozzles in the cover of the system to rinse down the parts and tank walls.  All the plumbing to and from the process tanks are separate to further reduce any contamination.  This results in less contamination vs. the drag out of moving parts that occurs from tank-to-tank in a traditional multi tank setup.

Is there an industry standard for acceptable particle count after cleaning and/or passivation with the automated cleaning and systems?

Depending on the specification which the parts are processed to: ASTM A967, A380, F86, QQ-P-35C, etc for passivation, DI rinse water is recommended and the systems can have conductivity meters which monitor water quality and total dissolved solids.  The storage tanks have facility DI water source needle valves which open when conductivity limits are not met. This allows for a continual overflow of the rinse tank until rinse water specifications are reached.

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