November 2014 – Happy Thanksgiving from Best Technology

At this time of Thanksgiving, we would like to express how grateful we are for our valued customers, vendors and colleagues.

In observance of the holiday, Best Technology will be closed on Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th so that all have time to spend with their families. We will reopen on Monday, December 1st.

Best Technology is thankful that over the last year, we’ve added many new products services and case studies of our:  passivation, electropolishing and finishing & deburring systems to serve our customers better.

Some of our newest case studies and faqs are Oil Coalescer, Belt Skimmer, and Oil Removal Systems, How long will it take to electropolish a part?, and How many amps of current will it take to electropolish a part?

We look forward to continue to work with you on all the systems, equipment and technical knowledge we have to offer for years ahead.

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