May 2015- Part Cleaning Systems Case Studies – DuoSolvent Vapor Degreaser, Job Shop Parts Washer and Ultrasonic Cabinet Console

In the May 2015 newsletter, we feature the new case studies for DuoSolvent Vapor Degreaser, Job Shop Parts Washer for Cleaning True Oil and Water Soluble Coolants, and Ultrasonic Cleaning and Passivation Consoles/Benches.

DuoSolvent – Bi-Solvent and Co-Solvent Vapor Degreaser 

The newer generation vapor degreasing solvents are more “environmentally and operator friendly” ; however, the newer HFE/HFC solvents are typically weaker solvents that do not remove heavier oils, grease, flux or wax clean. Due to previous environmental regulations, public perception or possible employee safety concerns, some companies have restricted any use of chlorinated solvents that are many times added to the HFE/HFC solvents to aid in cleaning performance.

The “bi-solvent/co-solvent” process allows the use of specific “primary” solvents to target specific soils that are then rinsed off with a clean, non-flammable solvent that is constantly “re-distilled” in the vapor degreaser.

Job Shop Parts Washer for Cleaning True Oil and Water Soluble Coolants 

Machine shops often need to wash parts that come out of machining centers with true oils (petroleum based) as well as water soluble coolants. In this application, the customer had a long list of true oils they needed to remove from precision machined parts.


Ultrasonic Cleaning and Passivation Consoles Cabinets 

Our ultrasonic cleaning and/or passivation console cabinets are ideal for processes requiring multiple process steps. While these systems are completely flexible, some of the most common configurations are integrated benches for ultrasonic parts cleaning and other chemical processes like passivation.


A common passivation console cabinet consists of a common layout for a ultrasonic wash, triple cascade counterflow, passivation, rinse overflow and drying console shown below.

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