July 2015 – Part Cleaning Specs- How clean is clean?, Quick Dump Rinse Tanks, Pipe and Tube Cleaning Systems

In the July 2015 newsletter, we look at part clean specification: how clean is clean? Also featured is quick dump rinse tanks for wet benches and pipe/tube cleaning systems.

How clean is clean? Clean specification test methods for parts cleaning
Best Technology often asks “How clean do your parts need to be?” but many times our customers just know they need to be “clean”. Since clean is relative for every application, it is important to understand part cleanliness and various clean test specifications. Read the article here

Quick Dump Rinse Tank DI Rinser for Ultrapure Water in Wet Processing Equipment
Quick Dump Rinse Tanks (QDR) are used to properly rinse semiconductor wafers, cassettes and other parts while conserving DI/ultrapure water. Semiconductor wafer and cassette cleaning, etching, and stripping applications must be completely removed including in blind recesses and pockets to ensure chemicals do not continue to process (etch, strip, etc). Continued chemical processing after removal from wet process tank can result in over etching, stripping, failed wafer patterns and other semiconductor failures.

Quick-Dump-Rinse-Tank-Rinser for Semiconductor Wafers


Centrifugal Industrial Spin Parts Dryers

Industrial spin dryer / chip wringers are a perfect complement to our centrifugal barrel finishers mass finishing equipment. Often mass finished parts are small and nested which makes them difficult to dry with heated air only. A centrifugal dryer is able to dry nested parts and speed drying times by: the spinning basket action causes centrifugal force which wrings out or throws off excess water, solvents, paints, oils, or other liquids and while the basket is spinning, a turbine fan below the basket creates a powerful suction that pulls heated air from the top/lid through the parts.
Spin Dryers

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