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Cuda Spray Cabinet Parts Washer Comparison

Our F series spray cabinet parts washer systems are engineered and built with far superior quality to the Cuda spray cabinet washer .  Cuda only makes spray cabinet systems and we offer spray cabinet parts washers and also much much bigger equipment beyond spray cabinets so we understand what tough environments the systems go through.

Beyond build quality itself, the most important difference is tank & weight capacity.

Below is a comparison of Cuda F2530 vs. Our F series F2532 industrial spray cabinet parts washers.

Cuda vs. Our Spray Cabinet Washer

SolutionTank Capacity Differences Explained

Cuda is 40 gallons and our spray cabinet washer is 90 gallons.

This is important for 2 reasons:

  1. The solution will keep its temperature much longer without needing more energy to heat the solution as the solution is only turned over 1 time every 2 minutes (50 GPM pump & 90 gallon tank) vs. Cuda the solution is turned over 2 times per minute.  The Cuda will cost considerably more to keep heated and operate.
  2. How often you change out part cleaning solution is based on how much particulate (chips, debris, etc) and contaminants (water based machine coolants, true oils, grease, etc) are in solution.  Our larger tank capacity will allow the solution to last over 2 times as long before needing to be replaced.


Cuda vs. Our Spray Cabinet Washer

Weight Capacity Differences Explained

The Cuda has a 500lb capacity and our weight capacity is 1000 lb.

This is important for 2 reasons:

  1.  Even if you may not be planning on loading up the system with your application, the additional capacity for growth is a plus and our system has to be built much stronger to hold the additional capacity.
  2. The turntable drive systems is also much different due to the weight capacity, Cuda used to use a small tire to turn the turntable, they now use a slip pulley chain drive which based on the number of calls we get from people looking to replace their Cuda systems, it still has problems.  Best Technology offers a positive engagement drive system in which the turntable is a cog and the drive motor is a gear.  This engagement will not wear out like a chain and allows for safety overrides.

Other minor yet important differences is our systems are NEMA 1 (F series) and NEMA 12 (PCS series) rated electrical and the working height of  32″ vs 30″ on the Cuda.

Often Cuda offers you a “trade-in” proposal in which they will trade your old system in for a new one.  Our customers have shown us the Cuda proposals and our pricing for our spray cabinet parts washer was less even after taking into account the Cuda “trade in”. What this means is Cuda raises the price of the new system to make the “trade in” price more in line with their competition, but we still beat the prices and are unmatched in quality.

All in all, you may be able to get into a much better product for even less than the Cuda even with the trade in price.

Either way, our spray cabinet parts washers are much better quality product and we get calls all the time of people replacing their Cuda cabinets.

Still don’t believe the quality and pricing differences after reading this parts washer comparison? Contact us and we will prove it!

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