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Spray Booth – Powder Coat Paint Prep Cleaning / Phosphating Equipment

Powder Coat Prep Cleaning and Material Surface Preparation Process

The powder coat paint preparation process typically involves a series of cleaning, rinses and chemical treatments to completely clean and etch/coat the material surface to allow for maximum powder coat paint adhesion.

Types Powder Coat Surface Cleaning and Prep Equipment

Depending on part size and production volume rates, many different types of equipment can be used for preparing parts for powder coat painting. From manual cleaning / prep spray booth, turntables to fully automated monorail powder coat prep systems, Best Technology offers a full selection of powder coat prep equipment.

Powder Coat Prep Parts Washing Spray Booth / Pressure Spray Wash Pad

pressure-washer-Spray-Booth-Wash-Powder-Coat-Prep A wash booth / pressure spray pad is the most common setup for small volume or large parts which vary greatly in size.  The floor is made of grated / perforated steel / stainless steel to allow for solution to drain through.

Detail of  Parts Wash Spray Booth / Pressure Spray Pad Floor Pitched to Drain

pressure-washer-enclosed-spray-wash-booth-pitch-to-drain-powder-coat-prep The floor beneath the spray booth walls has perforations that are pitched center to drain to allow for easy clean out of solution and dispose via waste water treatment. Another configuration of the spray booth powder coating would recycle the solution via high pressure sprayer hooked up to the drain and solution reservoir.

Pressure Washer Rotating Spray Wash Booth / Pad

pressurer-washer-rotating-spray-wash-booth-pad-powder-coat-prep Parts  similar in size / configuration can be placed on a rotating turntable spray booth  and can be sprayed with wash, rinse, phosphating, etc solution.  The part can be easily rotated for uniform, complete coverage of solution.

Detail of Turntable – Pressure Washer Spray Wash Booth / Pad

rotating-spray-booth-turntable The turntable of the pressure washer spray wash booth is perforated to allow for complete solution flow and collection into the bottom solution reservoir.  Like the wash booth / pressure spray pad mentioned above, the bottom is pitched to drain to allow for easy solution disposal or recycling via spray pressure washer.

Automated Wash, Rinse, Phosphate, Rinse, Dry Powder Coat Prep Equipment

Powder Coat Prep Front Load Spray Cabinet Pressure WasherIncreased production levels require for automated spray powder coating booth preparation systems that automatically washes, rinses, phosphate coats, rinses and dries (or any combination) parts all in one small, enclosed pressure spray cabinet equipment. Multiple solution storage tanks all for recycling of wash, rinse and phosphating acid. A multistage immersion powder coat spray booth parts washer can also be used for powder coat prep cleaning, alodining and phosphating applications.Ramco-Multi-Station-Immersion-Parts-Washer

Automated Inline Conveyor / Monorail Powder Coat Prep Systems

Inline-monorail-cleaning-phosphating-powder-coat-prep-system High production rate applications require inline, monorail or conveyorized washing, rinsing, phosphating, etc systems.  These systems are built to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and have been built up to 300 ft. long.

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