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Part Cleaning Selection Guide

When selecting equipment for cleaning, each unique customer application dictates the type of industrial part washing and cleaning equipment needed to properly remove particulate, oils, coolants and the like for the next step in the manufacturing process.

Heavy Industrial Parts Washing

Parts that are heavily coated in grease, oils, hydraulic fluid or other gross amounts of contaminants are often characterized as heavy industrial parts washing applications.

Exterior Part Surface Cleaning Only

For parts that require gross exterior cleaning, our spray wash cabinets and inline conveyor washers clean true oils, grease, burnt on carbon, machining coolants and other contaminants from any part surfaces that are in line of sight of the high pressure, high volume spray nozzles.  Examples of parts that would use a spray cabinet washer or inline conveyor washer would be engines, engine valve covers, brake drums, and heavily oiled manufactured parts.

External and Internal Part Surface Washing

If a parts washing application requires cleaning part internals, pipes, tubes and passageways such as hydraulic valve bodies or manifolds are best suited for our agitated immersion parts washer.  By immersing the soiled parts in alkaline cleaning solutions (soap), the chemistry is able to cover all part surfaces including internals.  The immersion washer has a platform that oscillates up and down to flow solution through all part internals and across all surfaces.

Removing oils and greases from wash solutions

For parts that are heavily soiled with oils and grease and cleaned with either: a spray cabinet washer, inline conveyor washer or immersion washer are best suited to use an oil removal system such as a disc / belt skimmer or oil coalescer to keep the wash chemistries clean for longer use.  An oil coalescer allows for heavy extraction of oils and return of the aqueous wash chemistry back into the wash tank.

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