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Inline / Pass-Through Conveyor Wash-Rinse-Dry Systems

System Description |Standard Features |Common Configurations

Best Technology offers the highest quality industrial parts washing machines in industry and the specifications below prove it. Whether your part cleaning application is very dirty parts with grease and grime or you are cleaning industrial machine components, these conveyor parts washers are able to wash, rinse and dry up to your most demanding parts washing applications.Inline Tunnel Conveyor Parts Washer

Standard Equipment for Inline / Pass Through Tunnel Conveyor Parts Washers


  • Vertical Parts Washer Pump Systems – the ultimate in pump reliability
  • Galvanized 1″ x 1″ flat wire belt
  • Easy ergonomic loading
  • Large tunnel opening
  • 24″ wide opening section
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Lift-off tunnel access panels
  • Modular design – easily add rinse, dry sections
  • 200 gallon solution tank
  • Fully insulated solution tanks
  • Low energy consumption design
  • Fork truck access openings
  • Drain and overflow ports
  • E-stop at load and unload
  • Option Ready – come ready for simple Plug-N-Play option installation in-field


  • Watlow Heat Elements
  • IEC relay logic controls
  • Low Water Shut-Off – Protect your heat elements from low water conditions – no more burnt out heating elements from running the system dry
  • Industrial Control Panel ~ NEMA rated electrical closure featuring IEC components with rotary illuminated cam switches. Meets NFPA wiring standards for numbering, sizing, color coding, and overload protection.
  • Various Voltages Available ~ 230v 1-phase, 208v 3-phase, 230v 3-phase, 460v 3-phase, 575v 3-phase, Canadian CSA standards and Industrial Upgrades.

Optional Inline Parts Washer Equipment:

  • Rinse stage: re-circulating and non-recirculating
  • Heated and non heated blow off stages
  • Auto loading and unloading
  • Stainless steel disc oil skimmer
  • Oil coalescing systems
  • Stainless steel construction upgrade – SS cabinet or all wetted components
  • Auto water fill – ensure the system always has enough water
  • Filtration system – particulate micron bag filtration
  • 1 or 2 function timers
  • Sludge extraction systems
  • Steam exhaust and mist extraction systems
  • Parts washer pump upgrades – higher pressure, higher flowrate
  • Heat upgrades
  • Weight capacity upgrades
  • Energy saving gas and steam heat options vs. electric heat
  • Electrical service disconnects
  • Auto chemistry add systems
  • Standalone dryer and oven configurations

Common Applications for Inline Parts Washers

This superior line part cleaning, rinsing and drying action of our inline conveyor parts washers make them excellent industrial parts washing machines for many applications:

  • Removal of oil and chips from machined components, castings and housings.
  • Automotive engine and transmission rebuild and manufacturing cleaning
  • Cleaning prior to powder coating, welding, deburring, brazing, blasting or other surface cleanliness critical post process applications.
  • Industrial parts washing of castings, stamped parts, machined parts, and other parts with true oils or water soluble coolants

Typical Configurations (Custom Sizing Available) for Inline / Pass Through Tunnel Conveyor Parts Washers

With the below standard models to choose from and custom units with your specific requirements, you can choose from one of the most diverse inline parts washer offerings in industry.



 Weight Capacity (lb)

 Pump  (hp)

 Pump Output (psi/gpm)

Solution Capacity (gallons)

 Blower Size (hp)

 Tunnel Dimensions (w x h) inches

 Overall Dimensions (l x w x h) inches

1000Wash Only10005 Vertical60/80200N/A 24 x 1584 X 51 X 72
1500Wash/ Blow-Off10005 Vertical60/802008.5 Regen 24 x 15132 X 51 X 72
 1500H Wash/Heated Blow-Off 10005 Vertical 60/80 200 8.5 Regen Heated 24 x 15 204 X 51 X 72
2000Wash/Rinse10005 Vertical60/80200eaN/A 24 x 15168 X 51 X 72
3000Wash/Rinse/Blow-Off15005 Vertical60/80200ea8.5 Regen 24 x 15216 X 51 X 72
3000HWash/Rinse/Heated Blow-Off 5 Vertical 60/80 200ea 8.5 Regen Heated 24 x 15 288 X 51 X 72

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