February 2015 – Best Technology’s Latest Aerospace Automated Parts Cleaning, Regenerative DI Rinsing, and Conveyor Drying System

Best Technology February 2015 Newsletter

With the phaseout of AK225 has many considering moving away from nPb as well.  This aerospace parts manufacturer did just that; moving their nPb solvent processes to aqueous allowed them to create a process:
  • Much safer for employee exposure
  • Significantly lower environmental impact including zero ozone depletion
  • Zero discharge with regenerative deionized water system
  • Cleans their parts better than their old solvent process.

View our latest video of Aerospace Automated Parts Cleaning, Rinsing, Rinsing and Conveyor Dryer System Case Studyvideo-aerospace-automated-part-cleaning-system

A Look at Lean, Cellular Manufacturing

Automated Precision Aqueous Cleaning in a Lean Cellular Manufacturing Design– This system a perfect solution for your cellular cleaning needs; the single basket system that takes up less than 20 square feet of plant floor space.  These systems are build for lean manufacturing environments where manufacturing plant floor space is a premium (cleanroom, dry room, etc) but are built to clean even your toughest applications.

Four Basket parts washer

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