How does a rotary drum parts washer work?

A Rotary Drum Parts Washer is essentially a large “inside-out” screw.  Small parts are fed into the opening and the continuous rotation or tumbling of the barrel causes the parts to travel along this auger from one end of the barrel to the other.  As the parts travel through the inside of the barrel they pass through a wash area, a rinse area (or areas) and finally drying areas.

Small perforations in the side walls of the barrel allow the cleaning solution and rinse(s) to envelope the parts.  In addition, high powered spray jets spray on the parts during both wash and rinse cycles to provide even greater cleaning action.  Finally, the action of the parts traveling along the auger causes a tumbling action of the parts so that not only the aqueous cutting fluids are cleaned from the parts, but also small particulates are brushed off and drained away.

Once the parts are completely washed they travel through the dryer area of the barrel where a combination of heat and blowing air dry them before they are transported out the end of the barrel for final packaging.  These rotary drum parts washers are ideal for stamped parts, die-cast parts, cold heated parts and many more parts where high volume throughput are required.

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