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Large Scale Part Electropolishing Systems

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Our electropolishing systems ensures repeatable, micro-tolerance surface roughness finishing for industrial, medical device and aerospace metal parts. Stainless steel passivation/electropolishing systems produce a bright, corrosion-resistant, highly-polished surface; reducing the expense and surpassing the quality of standard mechanical polishing.


Electropolishing Systems with:

Clean – Rinse – Deoxidize – Rinse – Electropolish –

Rinse – Rinse – Nitric Acid Passivation – Rinse – Rinse Tanks


Video of large scale electropolish systems:





Enclosed Wet Bench Electropolishing System with Nitric Passivation




Common Applications for Part Electropolishing Systems

Common Configurations

All electropolishing equipment can be made with 12V, 24V or 48V from 10-1000 amp rectifiers and have host of options: digital timers, temperature controls, etc.  Most tanks are polypropylene or stainless steel construction and can be made into any size from 1 gallon to 3000 gallons.  Call us for a solution to your electropolishing equipment application.

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