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Semiconductor Wafer Chemical Processing FM4910 Wet Bench & Fume Hood

Application for Semiconductor Wafer Chemical Processing Wet Bench & Fume Hood Case Study

Our semiconductor customer required processing of large metallic and quartz parts used for wafer manufacturing. The chemistries used for processing included HF-Hydrogen Fluoride / Hydrofluoric Acid, H2NO3-Carbonic Acid, and H2O-Water which required use of PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) tanks, plumbing and components.  The entire system is constructed from FM4910 compliant PVDF and PVC-C Polyvinylchloride.


Video: Semiconductor Chemical Processing Wet Bench & Fume Hood


Details on Semiconductor Chemical Processing Wet Bench & Fume Hood


Vertical Slide Up Doors – Open – Semiconductor Chemical Processing

FM4910 PVC-C Wet Bench & Fume Hood

Slide up, counter weighted doors ensure easy, unrestricted access loading parts into the large 6 ft long x 3 ft wide PVDF tank.



Vertical Slide Up Doors – Closed – Semiconductor Chemical Processing

FM4910 PVC-C Wet Bench & Fume Hood

When the chemical processing tanks are not in use by operators, the doors slide down sealing of chemical solutions from the environment and further allow the fume hood extraction ventilation to remove any fumes from the wet bench cabinet.



Integrated PVDF Tanks with Perforated Drainage Shelf

HF-Hydrogen Fluoride / Hydrofluoric Acid, H2NO3-Carbonic Acid, and H2O-Water are used to process wafers and parts; therefore, the tanks are constructed of chemically compatible PVDF tanks which are sloped to drain and have a perforated shelf to allow parts to dry within the wet bench fume hood.  3″ PDVF quick dump valves allow for quick tank drainage after use.



Wafer Processing Tanks, N2 Drying Gun and DI Water Spray Gun

To properly rinse and dry parts, a DI water spray gun and Nitrogen (N2) drying gun are mounted to the side wall of each wet bench for easy access during part processing.  Beyond processing ceramic and metal parts, PVDF wafer processing tanks were build to set on the perforated PVDF shelf.



Foot Pedal Switch Actuation of Gooseneck Chemical Faucet

The foot pedal in front of each wet bench allows for hands free actuation of PVDF gooseneck chemical and DI water faucet.



Integrated Chemical Storage Compartment with Spill Tray

Chemical storage tray has independent containment area than the rest of the wet bench.  The entire wet bench has a four sided spill lip with spill detection interlock that turns off the master inlet solenoids should the spill sensors detect a chemical spill.  The entire enclosure under the tanks is independently isolated and exhausted from the chemical processing enclosure above.



Magnehelic Gauge to Ensure Proper Fume Extraction Rate

A magnehelic gauge allow for operators to easily check and make sure the fume hood extraction system is running properly.



Electronic, Semiconductor, Circuit Board


Applicable Systems

 Wet Bench for Semiconductor & Other FM4910 Applications


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