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Pelletizer Die Cleaning Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

The pelletizer die cleaning spray washer cabinet effectively cleans gypsum from the extrusion pelletized holes in the cylindrical die. It is a fast and effective way to remove foreign material from the die exit holes vs trying to scrape the material from the hole entrance side.

The die is used to pelletize gypsum through extrusion holds in the die.  Once the die is finished being used, the gypsum hardens and plugs the holes in the die to nearly rock hard.

The spray parts washing cabinet utilizes high impact spray nozzles completely surrounding the the die, the gypsum is able to be blasted out effectively and completely.  The spray cabinet washer has a large solution capacity to allow a large amount of gypsum to be suspended in solutions and a large canister bag filter filters out the large particulate and foreign material.

Pelletizer Die Cleaning Spray Cabinet Parts Washer Pictures


Automotive engine block cleaning with burnt on carbon deposits

Mining raw minerals and materials through pelletized extrusion dies

Plastic injection mold die and extrusion die parts cleaning

Applicable Systems

Front Load Spray Cabinet Parts Washer

Industrial Parts Washers

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