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Automotive – Engine, Transmission and Brake Spray Parts Washer

Many automotive dealerships and automobile repair shops require a spray parts washer to clean engine heads, manifolds, engine cylinder blocks, intake headers and other miscellaneous gas engine components that are covered with grease, oil, dirt, road debris and carbon deposits.  Other automotive applications that require an automotive parts washer include transmission, brake overhaul, drive shaft and suspension parts.

Rusty and Dirty Greased Gears Before Spray Parts Washer


Often smaller shops attempt to clean the parts by hand with brake cleaner, Simple Green and wire brushes, but it takes hours to clean simple parts which can be cleaned automatically in minutes with an automotive pressure spray parts washer.  Others try to use a solvent manual parts washer which simply flushes solvent over the parts in the hope it will dissolve the oil contaminants off the parts, but without any mechanical agitation, the cleaning still takes considerable time and doesn’t remove all the foreign debris.

Front Loaded Auto Parts Cleaner

Front Load Spray Cabinet Parts Washer Open

Small and large parts can be placed on the turntable of the automotive parts washer shown above and high flow & pressure spray nozzles create a uniform, multi-direction pattern of heated alkaline cleaning solution to quickly and evenly clean the automotive parts.

Transmission Housing and Gears After Automotive Spray Parts Washer



The front loading spray cabinet parts washer also has a spray bar that can swing in over smaller height parts to achieve higher impingement on the tops of those parts.  For larger parts like cylinder blocks, transmission housings and other, the intermediate spray bar can be moved aside and the top cabinet mounted spray bar is used to achieve a complete spray coverage.  To clean many parts at a time, a “tree” rack can be mounted to the turn table allowing parts to be hung during the wash process.

Top Loaded Automotive Parts Washer

Top Loading Spray Cabinet Parts Washer Open

For parts which are not tall, a top load spray cabinet washer can be used as an auto parts cleaner. Top loaded spray parts washers allow for a smaller footprint space used in automotive repair shops.


Engine Rebuild Manufacturers / Remanufacturers

Semi Truck Maintenance and Repair Shops

Automotive Dealerships

Automotive Transmission Parts Repair Shops

Car Auto Shops

Applicable Parts Washers

Front Load Spray Parts Washer for Automotive Crank Cases

Top Load Spray Parts Washer for Brake and Automotive Transmission Parts

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