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Automotive Parts Washer Cleaning System for Turbocharger & Engine Rebuild

Automotive Parts Cleaning Application

The Ramco MKT Wash-Rinse-Dry parts washer cleaning system processes automotive industry parts with precision part cleaning, rinsing and drying.  This automotive parts washer is capable of cleaning various automotive parts including turbocharger, fuel system and general engine rebuild components which require ultrasonic cleaning to remove fine particulate and an oil removal system to remove true oils from the part surfaces.

 Ramco MKT Ultrasonic Automotive Parts Cleaner With Oil Removal System

With Oil Removal System

  • Ramco MKT Wash - Rinse - Dry
  • Cover Open
  • Side View - Power Cover
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Turbo Filtration Agitation To Flush Part Internals
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Action
  • Oil Removal System Surface Sweep
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Heated Air Dry Blower
  • Ultrasonic Generators
  • Oil Removal System

Video: Ramco MKT Ultrasonic Automotive Parts Cleaner With Oil Removal System

This stainless steel constructed automotive parts washer is capable of removing fine particulate and oils with its ultrasonic cleaning action and the turbo filtration system has a high flow pump which flushes out the debris removed by the ultrasonics and filters it. The oil removal system of the ultrasonic parts washer has the patented Surface Sweep sparger that ensures any true oils are swept off the surface of the tank so they do not affect the parts.  They go into an oil removal decant tank which then removes the oils with a  belt skimmer.


Automotive, Industrial, Machine Shop Parts Washer – General Parts Cleaning

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