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Automated Ultrasonic Citric / Nitric Acid Passivation Equipment for Medical Device and General Parts

Application for Medical Device Passivation Case Study

The automated ultrasonic passivation system processes medical device industry parts with precision part cleaning and nitric or citric acid passivation after machining and/or laser mark. The system is able to passivate the following grades of stainless steel: 17-4, 304, 316, various 400 series and the like with a neutral pH alkaline cleaner and Citrisurf 2250.  Other stainless steel grades are possible with this system, but the customer has validated these materials.

Video: Automated Ultrasonic Passivation Equipment for Citric or Nitric Acid


Animation of Process Fluid Flow of an Automated Ultrasonic Passivation Equipment

The automated ultrasonic passivation system consists of a 18 gallon (tank dimensions: 24″ L x 14″ L x 12″ D) ultrasonic process tank and 3-30 gallon storage tanks.

Traditional automated cleaning and passivation systems move the parts from processing tank to processing tank which expose operators to fumes from cleaning and passivation solutions and also dramatically increase the cost of the system because it requires multiple ultrasonic processing tanks and overhead automation.

This automated ultrasonic cleaning machine is a sealed system which moves the liquid solutions from filtered heated storage tanks in and out of the main part processing chamber instead of moving the parts from tank to tank so the operator places dry parts in the process chamber, presses cycle start and then comes back at the end of the process to remove the cleaned, rinsed and dried parts.


Since this automated ultrasonic cleaning machine is made for citric or nitric acid passivation, the addition of circulation pumps in the storage that constantly run to aid in inhibiting any possibly organic growth in the tank which the chemistry built in biocide should prevent.  Constantly circulating / mixing citric acid greatly reduces the possibilities of organic over time.


Medical device passvation, surgical, and medical instrument

Aerospace parts passivation

General parts cleaning and passivation

Applicable Systems

Ultrasonic Automated Passivation Equipment – note system can be made into any customer desired size with minimal to no custom costs

Small Ultrasonic Automated Passivation Equipment

Small 3.5 Gallon Automated Ultrasonic Passivation Equipment & Systems

Dual Ultrasonic Automated Passivation System


The 992 passivation system is very popular in the medical device industry because it is a closed loop, hands off passivation system that can be easily equipment and process validated plus it requires very little operator interaction besides placing dirty parts in the tank and removing clean,dry parts at the end of the cycle.

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