Automated Conveyor Passivation System

Application for Fully-Automated Conveyor Passivation System :

Agitated Immersion Wash, Rinse, Rinse, Passivate, Rinse, Rinse & Dry Parts Washer Case Study

The A-MKT Wash-Rinse-Dry agitated immersion parts washer cleaning system processes parts with precision part cleaning, rinsing and drying.  This automated parts washer is capable of cleaning a wide variety of metal parts which require ultrasonic cleaning to remove fine particulate, buffing/polishing compounds and water soluble cutting fluids / coolants used during the CNC machining process.

This system ensures flexibility to tune each station for the most effective job as parts change in size and mass, a critical concern in this application as the system was custom designed for a company that specializes in rapid proto-typing of metal parts for their customers.

Video: Fully Automated Indexing Agitated Immersion Wash, Rinse, Dry Parts Washer 


Automated Parts Washer System Features:



From left to right: Load, Wash, Rinse, Dry, Unload Station

This system includes a roller-conveyor at each the loading and unloading station.  This allows the operator to load (or unload) a basket of parts and return to other tasks.  When the washer is ready for parts, it will automatically index the basket from the load station to the wash station, from the wash station to the rinse station, from the rinse station to the dryer, and from the dryer to the unload station.


Roller Conveyors View from Load Station

Sensors at the load station ensure that the basket is placed correctly on the in-feed side of the machine, and sensors on the unload station automatically stop the machine from indexing when the unload station is completely full of baskets.  This means the operator is freed up during parts of the wash/rinse/dry cycle to attend to other tasks knowing that the parts baskets will not collide.



A platform lift is included in both the wash and rinse tank that allows the parts-baskets to be agitated in the solution inside the tank.  Controls are included for both long and short strokes, as well as a slow or fast agitation.  This agitation ensures that the solution is constantly moving around and through the parts to ensure thorough cleaning and rinsing of each part. Additionally, high-flow pumps with in tank eduction nozzles add turbulation as the platform moves up and down.



Oil Removal System Surface Sparger

The automated parts washer includes an oil removal system to remove true oils from the part surfaces. This oil removal system includes a surface sparger to push all floating oils into a side mounted tank dam.


Oil Removal System Dam Sends Surface Oils to

External Decant Belt Skimmer Tank



System Rear View – PLC / Electrical Control Panel

With Individual Tank Digital Temperature and Cycle Timers

Temperature controls are available for each the wash, rinse and dry stations.  This allows the user to set each tank/station individually



Automated Drying Stage – Heated Air Knifes

The dryer stage includes both heat and blowers to ensure a rapid and complete drying of all parts.



Medical device, surgical, aerospace and medical instrument General parts cleaning


Applicable Systems

Agitated Immersion Parts Washers – Our industrial agitated parts washers can be automated using similar features

Agitated Immersion Ultrasonic Parts Washer – Our precision cleaning agitated immersion parts cleaning system are automated using this walking beam automation

Agitated Immersion Multi-Tank Passivation Systems– Automating agitated immersion passivation systems allows for operator free parts cleaning and precision nitric or citric acid passivation.

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