April 2015- Spring Cleaning continues: check out Best Technology’s latest part cleaning systems

Best Technology April 2015 Newsletter

Spring cleaning continues: check out the latest part cleaning systems from Best Technology.

Case Study: Vapor Degreaser Using 3M Novec Solvent For Medical Device Instruments

A Minneapolis, MN based medical device manufacturer of surgical instruments parts has very small passage ways which are extrude honed with abrasive media, mineral oil and also Swiss machines tight tolerance profiles. The low surface tension of 3M Novec 72DA engineered fluid solvent used in a vapor degreaser allows for cleaning these sensitive parts of all the media and oils without any non-volatile residues.

View our latest video on vapor degreasers

Case Study: Machine Job Shop Parts Washer for True Oil and Water Soluble Precision Parts

Machine shops often need to wash parts that come out of machining centers with true oils (petroleum based) as well as water soluble coolants.  In this application, the customer had a long list of true oils they needed to remove from precision machined parts.

View video and pictures of this aqueous based parts washer

Job Shop Parts Washer



Spring Cleaning: Passivation specification and process review

Many companies are trying to move toward more environmentally friendly chemistries including for stainless steel passivation processes.  Nitric acid has long time been used for passivation but employee exposure, handling and environmental disposal issues have always been a challenge.  With recent advancements in biocides for citric acid, citric acid use for passivation has grown significantly.

Here are a couple helpful links:

Spring Cleaning: Clean up the plant floor by moving the process into cells

Automated Precision Aqueous Cleaning in a Lean Cellular Manufacturing Design– This system a perfect solution for your cellular cleaning needs; the single basket system that takes up less than 20 square feet of plant floor space.  These systems are build for lean manufacturing environments where manufacturing plant floor space is a premium (cleanroom, dry room, etc) but are built to clean even your toughest applications.

Four Basket parts washer

Spring Cleaning:  Clean up hazardous solvents like nPB and move to aqueous cleaning

With the phaseout of AK225 has many considering moving away from nPb as well.  This aerospace parts manufacturer did just that; moving their nPb solvent processes to aqueous allowed them to create a process:
  • Much safer for employee exposure
  • Significantly lower environmental impact including zero ozone depletion
  • Zero discharge with regenerative deionized water system
  • Cleans their parts better than their old solvent process.

View our latest video of Aerospace Automated Parts Cleaning, Rinsing, Rinsing and Conveyor Dryer System Case Studyvideo-aerospace-automated-part-cleaning-system

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