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Best Technology provides industrial parts washers, ultrasonic cleaning systems, vapor degreasers, passivation systems, electro polishing equipment, surface finishing machines, chem film equipment, specialty manufacturing process equipment, and precision cleaning chemistries, including environmentally acceptable vapor degreasing solvents.

Best Technology: Serving Industries for 30 Years

Leading the Surface Finishing Industry

Best Technology - Leading the Surface Finishing Industry

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Founded in 1992, Best Technology prides itself in providing not only new industrial parts washers but also custom cleaning equipment solutions to meet any of your highly specialized needs. Our selection of precision parts processing equipment includes: electropolishers, ultrasonic cleaners, passivation process equipment, immersion parts washers and cleaners, vapor degreasers, chemical waste reduction, and chemical recycle systems.

Best Technology also known as Best Technologies operates on a foundation of customer satisfaction. Although our primary service area includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, we do sell our products nationwide and internationally. This includes our part washers/cleaners, passivation equipment, ultrasonic cleaners, and more. Browse our website or for person-to-person product assistance please phone us at 612-392-2414 or email

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Case Study Videos from Best Technology

Alodine chem film chromate conversion equipment

Alodine Line for Hex-Free Chromate Conversion Coating

This Alodine chem film line is flexible and can be configured for type 1 or type 2 per MIL-DTL-5541 for use in aerospace applications.

Length: 4:06

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Automated Nitric Acid Passivation Tube Flushing System

Automated Nitric Acid Passivation Tube Flushing System

This automated tube flushing system cleans and passivates stainless steel tubes and titanium pipes.

Length: 3:29

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Electropolishing EP System Wet Bench with Spray Rinse Tank

Electropolish EP System - Wet Bench with Spray Rinse Tank

This electropolishing wet bench has two CPVC-lined polypropylene tanks to electropolish and spray rinse rinse for use with government and military research projects.

Length: 3:07

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Fully Automated Citric Acid Passivation Equipment

Fully Automated Citric Acid Passivation System

This fully automated citric acid passivation system can process both magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steel parts through use of separate citric acid storage tanks.

Length: 4:29

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  • 30 years of experience in providing industrial parts washers, passivation and custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment solutions
  • Over 20+ different types of cleaning, polishing, processing, and finishing equipment not found elsewhere
  • Industry thought leaders in surface finishing equipment
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